the church of Jarek

The Church of   Jarek

 Picture 1 (right) - Lutheran Church of Jarek
                                (as seen across from the town-hall).

 Picture 2 (below) - The Jarek Church with the Hauptgasse
                                 (seen in northerly direction / Temerin).

Picture 3 (below) - Color painting of the Jarek Church.

 Picture 4 (below) - Inside of the Jarek Church
 with a view of the altar area

        Picture 5 (right) - Inside the Jarek Chruch
                   with a view of the gallery and the organ.

Regrettably there are only very
few pictures and paintings of
the beautiful Church in Jarek.

Its destruction started yet in
1944 and in the year 1946 it
was blown up and completely

There is a supermarket in its place today.

 Picture 6 (below) - drawing of the Jarek Church.

 Picture 7 (below) - a model of the Jarek Church.


Jarek was founded in 1787 by 80 families with about 300 persons as an Evangelical (Lutheran) and, simultaneously, as the last Danube Swabian settlement in the Batschka.

The Lutheran Church in Jarek was built in the years 1821 to 1823 and dedicated also in 1823. When the Jarekers had to flee and had to leave their homeland in 1944, Jarek’s Danube Swabian history ended, and the destruction of the church was also begun, which ended in 1946 with its blowing up and complete destruction.

by  Inge Morgenthaler (née Schmidt)

translated by  Sieghart Rein


     Picture 8 (right) - Drawing of the Jarek Church
                                   in the form of a medaillon with
                                   the most important dates

(left:  Lutheran Church        right:  dedicated in 1823
           built in 1821--23                     destroyed in 1946

  and below:   Jarek  1787--1944) 

to:   The history of the Church

to:   The pastors of Jarek

to:   Jarek as Lutheran Centre


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