Futok and Jarek dedicate Commemorative Plaques in Ulm

Futok  and  Jarek  Representatives dedicate the
Commemorative Plaques in Ulm

on Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Picture 1 - (from the left:) Stefan Barth (HOG Futok), Michael Rettinger (OA Jarek ),
Ivo Gönner (Major of the City Ulm), Michel Schmidt (OA Jarek),
Hans Supritz (Federal Chairman of the Territorial Association of
Danube Swabians) in front of the two new plaques
at the Danube Swabian riverside in Ulm.

The OA (Orts-Ausschuss)  Jarek  Reported:

It shall finally come to pass what we Jarekers had desired for a very long time, but due to financial reasons: We were able to unveil our plaque on July 24, 2010 at the Danube Swabian riverside in Ulm.

Michael Rettinger, the 2nd Chairman of the OA, and his wife Eva, who through their generous financing of the plaque finally fulfilled the desire of the Jarekers.

Picture 2 - Our Jarek Plaque at the Danube Swabian riverside in Ulm.

Thus on a rainy morning, Ivo Gönner, the Oberbürgermeister (Mayor) of Ulm, the Bundesvorsitzende of the Landsmannschaft (Federal Chairman of the Territorial Association) of Danube Swabians, Hans Supritz, and the representatives of both communities. For the Jarekers it was Michael Schmidt, the 1st Chairman of the OA Jarek and Michael Rettinger, as well as several members of the OA and a number of Jarekers from the vicinity. The festivity was framed by an orchestra from Ulm.

Ivo Gönner welcomed the guests and remarked that he was glad to be able to again unveil two further plaques from Danube Swabian communities. He told in his speech of the close association of the city of Ulm to the lands of the Danube region, which exists until today since the time of the emigration on board of “Ulmer Schachteln” and which would be constantly more intense since the removal of the “Iron Curtain.” By the establishment of the Danube Swabian Central Museum in the vicinity continually more visitors come to the city, who are interested in the history of the Danube Swabians. A stroll along the Danube to the memorial to the emigrants with the commemorative plaques would often be included. From these meadows on the bank of Danube the emigrants set out once into an uncertain future in the distant “Hungarian Land.” Several of their descendants had settled again in Ulm after the flight and expulsion.

Hans Supritz, in the name of the Territorial Association of Danube Swabians, thanked for the close and amiable cooperation with the city of Ulm. He “came out” as one of those who had returned and added that through his marriage to a “dyed-in-the-wool” Ulmer woman he has found a new home here in Ulm and he feels very much at home. To that he also added that Oberbürgermeister Gönner always has an open ear for the Danube Swabians and thus it was possible to mount two additional plaques on the wall without any problems. Of course, it is conceivable that the limited space on the wall will put an end to the mounting of additional plaques.

Michael Schmidt likewise expressed his thanks to Oberbürgermeister Gönner and Hans Supritz. I am glad that here at this spot the name of our native community Jarek could also be immortalized and the memory of our village could also be kept alive, which as the last and smallest village in the Batschka had been settled in the year 1787 by 80 families. Through six generations their descendants had developed it into a flourishing community, until, in October 1944, nearly all inhabitants had to leave the village in several treks.

The plaque is also a reminder of the subsequent history of the village that had attained the sad distinction among Danube Swabians as one of the worst extermination camps. Here 6,500 people met a horrible death. They were predominantly the aged, the sick, and 950 children.

Michael Schmidt then thanked Michael Rettinger and his wife Eva for the generous donation. This is the second plaque that the Jarekers were able to unveil this year. The first was mounted on June 5th in the town hall of Backi Jarak. It also could only have been put up through the great personal effort locally of Michael Rettinger and with the help of Hans Supritz (we have reported about it). The OA chairman praised Michael Rettinger for his gumption. Since his election to the OA he has accomplished much. He is a “doer,” who tackles jobs and carries them through successfully. He is glad that we have him part as of our ranks.

Following the speeches the two presiding men unveiled the plaques and placed a bouquet of flowers at the emigrant memorial.

Picture 3 - The Jareker group in front of the plaques.

As conclusion the participants of the event met for a lunch at the Donaustuben.


Inge Morgenthaler

translated by  Sieghart Rein

OA Jarek,  21.07.2010


Picture 4 - The text on the Jarek Plaque at Ulm reads:


From the dedication ceremony of the Commemoration Plaques for the Danube-Swabian villages Futok and Jarek at the town wall down on the Danube Swabian riverbank at Ulm, at Saturday, on July 24 th, 2010 you can “click” to view 24 pictures in a "Picture-Galery".
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